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For as long as I can remember, I have always had a keen interest in skin.  Growing up, I had the opportunity to have the best formal education that money could afford in my day. I made the most of my privilege and studied very hard to remain a straight ‘A’ student. I had ambitions to go to Law School and eventually become a Judge. I wanted to make a difference. I could never imagine becoming anything else; especially not a medical esthetician or skincare expert simply because I never knew something like that even existed. Besides, I loved every moment of school and I had my eyes set on a gavel.

But one thing was sure; I cared about having good skin (whatever that meant to me at that age). As a kid, my interest in skincare was not completely hated or forbidden but it was definitely frowned upon.  To my parents and within our community, it was considered a mark of superficiality, so they made sure I maintained my grades and stayed focused on ‘important things’. ‘Unfortunately’ for them, as I grew older, even though I remained a great student, my interest in skincare only increased. I found that I devoted more and more time into understanding this “superficiality.” My passion for skincare overtook every other ambition I had and inevitably let us to this moment.

Today, I am obviously a long way from sitting in any courtroom, but I know that I have and will continue to make a difference in my country and the world at large, thanks to my love for skincare.  It has become my fulltime job, my livelihood, and most importantly my passion.

Unfortunately still, talking about and caring for your skin, much less making a career in skincare is marginalized or considered a superficial hobby. Some people attribute choosing a career in skincare to some sort of limitation, failure in securing a typical career or an easy way out. Years ago, I felt insulted and took offense to this assumption and the comments that came with it. However, over the years of my research, I have come to understand that it is nothing short of ignorance. I have watched people almost commit suicide due to ‘bad skin’. I have witnessed the effects of bad/good skin on marriages, divorces, careers, relationships etc.

The fact is that superficial or not, your skin is the largest and most visible layer of your entire body and it is not only ignorant but not even logical to NOT pay attention to how it is treated and presented. In today’s world of social media, smartphones and Selfies, we have a saying here at Xcape that Your Skin is 90% of your Selfie.


This blog is therefore dedicated to anyone who dares to be identified as “Superficial”


Through this blog, I hope that we can be more interactive. I will share weekly tips, and ideas about skincare with you and please feel free to ask me and my amazing team any and all questions relating to your skin. And hey, share your tips too.


Your Girl,



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