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Introducing Dr Edith Delight

Dr. Edith F. Gibson is a Medical Esthetician, Founder and CEO of The Beauty Health Foundation,  Producer of Xcape Skin Care line

CEO and lead formulator at Tropics laboratory. Founder and lead instructor at Tropical Beauty Institute.

She started with Cosmetology at Carolina Beauty School in greensboro NC USA. She then proceeded into Skin Education and earned an Advanced Esthetics Certificate from The Professional Skin Education in Burlington NC, where she also completed training in Oncology and Holistic Skin care. In 2008, she attended Grace Medical in Charleston SC, and graduated as a Medical Esthetician after the completion and mastery of 10 modules in Cosmetic Medicine. Edith also holds a certificate from the National Laser Institute, the number one training program for Medical Esthetics in the world. 

Dr. Edith Gibson holds a ministerial award from the Cameroonian government for innovation. In 2013, she introduced a new field of study “Medical Esthetics” to the Cameroonian professional sector. 

Dr. Edith Gibson carried out a 7 years clinical research from 2010 to 2017 in the tropics researching the issues that plague black skin. Her findings are documented in her book “Know your tropical skin”

Dr. Edith Gibson officially introduced her training institute for tropical skin management, in partnership with Dr. Tim Hamilton of Grace Medical equipment, Charleston SC, in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Professionals from around the world can now learn and become certified tropical skin specialists

Over the years she has had the privilege of wearing many hats. Consequently she has come to mean different things to a great many people. Nonetheless, whatever hat she wears at any given time, her goal has always been to bring meaningful change to the world.



The Industry

By 2025 the global skin care market is estimated to be at $189 billion. Africa represents about 16% of the world’s population with 1.3 billion people. It is unbelievable to discover that there is no product that has been specifically designed to address the African market based on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect African skin. The majority of skin care producers in the African market are focused on skin whitening products. 

Skin Bleaching

80% of the 50,000 people we sampled for the research in Cameroon (Men and Women) had bleached their skin.  We all know skin-lightening creams are very dangerous – yet business is booming. A World Health Organization study found that 77% of Nigerian bleach their skin – This is just One African country with a population of over 200 million people.  In 2017, the global skin-lightening industry was worth $4.8bn (£3.4bn), and it is projected to grow to $8.9bn by 2027. 

It is important to note that majority users of these whitening products are looking for a solution for hyperpigmentation which is caused by UV exposure in these tropical regions. The correct solution approach will drastically reduce the consumption of skin bleaching products while solving major tropical skin issues

Market Trends

President Kagame of Rwanda made head lines for placing a ban on skin bleaching in his country. Although he received criticism for doing that, I believe it was absolutely necessary and all African presidents should do the same. This approach would be complete with the introduction of an alternative to these skin bleachers because there is a legitimate issue with hyperpigmentation in the tropics that should be addressed properly in daily cosmetic consumption. 

In the recent years, there has been a pro black movement, which is encouraging black people to embrace their skin, their hair, their accent etc etc. More and more consumers are embracing their brown skin and looking for ways to preserve and nurture it. 

There isn’t a better time than now to introduce Tropical skin training programs, tropical treatment protocols and skin care product formulas tailored only for tropical skin.

Edith Delight

Founder & CEO


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