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XCAPE Body Milk

Applying body milk is one of the most crucial steps that you must incorporate into your daily skincare regimen. Also, it is one of the few inexpensive ways of pampering your skin daily. Body milk restores the moisture into the skin and prevents dehydrated, scaly, and...

XCAPE Face Moisturizer

If you desire a year-round silky smooth and glowing skin, then it is a must to moisturize every single day. Moisturizers help to keep your skin feel and look younger, brighter, more elastic, and hydrated. We know, applying moisturizer daily may seem like an annoying...

XCAPE Enlighten Serum (Hyperpignmentation Eraser)

We all are familiar with the benefits of an overall good skincare routine. But, do we know the benefits of all the products that we incorporate in our daily skincare ritual? Well, only a few talk about the importance of each product on their product line. Today, let’s...


THE 4 MAIN ISSUES THAT PLAGUE MELANIN RICH SKIN Xcape by Edith Delight is a natural skin care product, designed specifically for Melanin rich skin. Following 7 years of clinical research in the tropics, the founder Edith Delight has come up with a range of formulas to...

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