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Simplified melanin skincare with no compromise on results

Ever desired a one-stop-shop skincare brand that simultaneously addresses all your skincare concerns? Want a simple skincare regimen with a few products to help you achieve long-lasting clearer, smoother, hydrated, moisturised, healthier, even and radiant skin? Or a product that can be customised specifically for your individual skincare concerns?

We know one size does not fit all, and that's why we offer a range of classic products and customized products for your specific skincare needs. Xcape is an expertly formulated cosmeceutical brand with powerful natural ingredients to target issues from the source. Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dullness, uneven skin tone, oily/dry skin, acne, stretch marks and premature ageing skin. Experience the transformation to rejuvenated and revitalised skin as Xcape products empower you on your journey to healthier skin.

Expertly formulated for melanin skin

Specific Skin Concerns

Have a particular issue? Find a product to address it.

Classic Face

Cleanse, tone & moisturise your face for clearer, smoother, radiant skin.

Classic Body

Exfoliate, hydrate, moisturise, brighten & nourish your body for a clearer, smoother, healthier and radiant look

Customised Products

Experience the revolution of personalized skincare with Xcape. Our customized products are formulated with upgraded ingredients to target your specific needs, based on the pictures and information you provide. We enhance the percentages of active ingredients, such as increasing humectants for hydration or tyrosinase inhibitors for lightening. Combat acne with antibacterial ingredients tailored to your skin.

Fill out our questionnaire for accurate customization and unlock the solution to gaining even more confidence in your skin.

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Product Focus - Xcape Body Milk

Founder & Formulator

As a Medical Aesthetician, I have spent the last 12 years researching and formulating natural skincare products to solve the four main issues that plague Tropical/Melanin-rich skin.
Due to extrinsic or personal factors, melanin skin tends to have to frequently fight several issues within; Hyperpigmentation, Weak Elasticity, Over Sebaceous Activity (Oily skin) and Surface Dehydration (Dryness) often resulting in Acne, Uneven skin tone, Dark spots, Stretch marks etc.
Our Xcape skincare line solves these issues, whilst boosting the overall health, look and feel of the melanin skin, fighting extrinsic agents and helping you maintain a youthful and fresh look.

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