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We all are familiar with the benefits of an overall good skincare routine. But, do we know the benefits of all the products that we incorporate in our daily skincare ritual? Well, only a few talk about the importance of each product on their product line. Today, let’s just put one of ours in the spotlight – XCAPE Enlighten Serum. It is a light lotion with a light gel-like consistency. It contains all the ingredients that can get you the perfectly toned skin that you dream about.

Our research and reviews show that people have experienced an impeccable difference in their skin after including our serums in their skincare ritual. Following are some of using our serum:

  • Anti-aging properties– The XCAPE Serum is packed with influential antioxidants and vitamin C and contain 70% of active ingredients as compared to other products. So, they have the power to diminish dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and offer you a gleaming complexion.
  • Great for Oily Skin– People who have oily skin should avoid using heavy/creamy moisturisers often as it makes the skin even greasier. That’s where the xcape serum comes in. As it is light in texture and gets easily absorbed into the skin, they have become an ultimate favorite to our oily skin customers. 
  • Brightens the Skin– The XCAPE serum is designed to reduce pigmentation and evenly distribute melanin thereby results in the brightening of your skin. It is loaded with vitamins that offer intense moisture to the skin and help in enhancing your overall skin texture. Also, it is highly appropriate for dry skin and in all weather conditions.

Now, that you are aware of the impeccable benefits of the XCAPE serum which is specifically designed for people with melanin-rich skin. Follow the link now and let’s begin the journey to a perfect looking skin.

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