About Me

Welcome! My name is Edith Delight and I am a medical Esthetician.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of wearing many hats. Consequently I’ve come to mean different things to a great many people. Nonetheless, whatever hat I happen to wear at any given time, my goal has always been to bring meaningful change to the world; my world.

In 2010, I took a trip to my native country in West Africa (Cameroon) for a family event. It was a joy to be home with family and friends, especially in the company of these older and younger women who gathered together as we cooked and prepared to receive guests.

As I watched these women, I couldn’t help but notice that more than half of them had bleached skin. Now, I’ve always been aware that skin bleaching is an issue amongst women within my community in the U.S, in Africa and around the world at large. Over the years though, I attributed and limited this trend to a problem of low self esteem. But as I watched these women, most of whom were relatively successful and happy, I started to re-think the ‘WHY’.

The Journey

As a trained medical esthetician, I was in a unique and unsuspecting position to talk to these women and their men about their skin issues. Hundreds of conversations later, I came to understand that whatever their reasons for bleaching, the bottom line was that these women just wanted to feel beautiful in their skin. Following 7 years of clinical research, I was able to identify the four main issues which plague melanin rich skin.

For any product to correctly address/treat these issues, it must be formulated with this in mind. Unfortunately, throughout my years of working as a beauty and skin care professional, I realized that people with melanin rich skin cannot find products that completely address their skin issues simply because such a product does not exist! It is almost unbelievable that with a demographic of over 40 million in America and billions in Africa and the rest of the world, no product has ever been formulated to address this issue in its entirety…until now.

I am happy that for the very first time ever, there is finally a product in the market with proven results especially tailored for US. It is my passion that every man and woman around the world with melanin-rich skin can finally see, feel and actually be beautiful in their own skin.

XCAPE: My change solution around the world!

Edith Delight

Founder & CEO 

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