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Custom Body Set

Custom Body Set

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This set will be customised according to your specific skincare needs.
It consists of the Customised Body Milk, Serum, Treatment Glycerine).

Custom Body Milk

This non-greasy moisturiser and brightening milk is developed with precise expertise for melanin skin. Its unique formula is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients to target hyperpigmentation and surface dehydration. It is proven to leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter, and natural looking.

Custom Enlighten Serum

This skin brightener is formulated to target hyperpigmentation, uneven skin and dark spots. It enhances skin appearance and reveals a much smoother, brighter, softer and even skin tone.

Custom Treatment Glycerine

Recommended for use on extreme dehydration, Surface dehydration, dull complexion, rough skin texture, accumulated dead skin, Chemically abused/ bleached skin and stretch marks. Its non-abrasive exfoliating ingredients will remove dead skin while humectants will improve NMF functions.

How to use


Care guide

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not leave uncapped.

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